South Africa is a “minority” global player. Thus we need global alliances to survive.

It seems as if we have opted to neglect the western world because of past colonial and imperial agenda’s. The blatant racism and oppression which comes with “western occupation” is overbearing as the continued cruelty and disregard for non-white lives is a historical fact. South Africa opted for BRIC’S (Brazil, Russia, India and China) which comes with its own historic and future problems.

India’s Hindu majority, high on racist nationalistic euphoria, regularly attack Muslims. This includes colonizing Kashmir. The Hindu racist caste system is worse than Apartheid since it is centuries older and culturally rooted. The historic cruelty is built on birth and skin color, two realities, over which, a human has limited control.

China’s Hun majority uses its military to kill, imprison and subjugate minorities. China’s Muslims are earmarked for abuse in the Xinxiang province where, even mosques are subjected to cultural approval as the design must be Chinese and Middle-East design is censured. Muslims officials are discouraged from fasting and cultural variations are curtailed. Taiwan is in danger as China regards it as Chinese territory. The Dalai Lama, spiritual leader of millions, remain exiled from Tibet. This brazen human rights abuse cannot be measured acceptable.

Russia has for decades, brutally executed thousands of Muslims in the Chechen and Crimea region as the Russian army subjugates large swathes of land where Russian Muslims live. The torture and murder of Muslims is ignored by main stream media as “Muslim lives do not matter”. When Tatar Muslims refused to cooperate with Russian-Crimean authorities, the Kremlin accused them of being an “Islamic extremist” organisation, labelling them as “separatists” and “terrorists,” and then applied laws that included bans on public gatherings of Tatar Muslims. Russian politicians have made no secret of their sinister intent to ethnically cleanse Crimea of 250,000 Tatar Muslims, in what they call “de-Turkification”.

Brazil also has huge problems with its own racism where the colonial master is decisively dominant.

While South Africa may be moving away from western nations due to the racist cruelty and exploitation, what is the value for future generations when our BRIC’S partners have similar despotic qualities. When minorities anywhere in the world are abused because of skin color or beliefs etc. it is immoral and must be rejected.

In the words of the wise, swapping a white oppressor for any other color oppressor is stupid.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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