Crime is evil manifest

The millions stolen instead of being used to audit asbestos roofing in the Free State details the nature of evil in society. Only R21.3-million of the R230-million paid to the contractor was used for the asbestos audit. The cost of fixing the actual problem remains unknown. To protect themselves, the corrupt made lavish donations to the political elite to curry favor.

The corrupt bought luxury homes and vehicles and made no attempt to fulfill their obligation. Fixing the asbestos roofs which causes cancer, was irrelevant to the politicians, officials and contractor etc. The death of poor blacks did not matter.

According to Abrahamic tradition, when a person purposely harms another, the guilty must seek pardon from those harmed. In a nutshell, you cannot commit crimes and ignore those you harm and then expect God to forgive you. Resolution requires repentance and if this process is incomplete the harmed can claim your good deeds on judgement day.

Since the Creator is most gracious and most merciful, we are encouraged to forgive others so that we may enjoy the Creators forgiveness etc. It is measured unwise to expect forgiveness if we ourselves are unwilling to forgive others.

Whilst the corrupt contractor, his connections were having fun, poor black people in townships got cancer and died. The contractor did not fulfill his duty and people continue to suffer, as there is a scientific link between asbestos inhalation and cancer. The question is, should society hold those guilty of the corruption, responsible for the extended suffering caused?

Is this asbestos audit corruption really only a financial crime or premeditated murder?

Similarly, when an intoxicated person drives, the chance of road chaos increases. Why do we refer to the preventable road chaos as an “accident” when the link between intoxication and road carnage is a statistical and scientific predictability?

Why do we as a struggling democratic society on the brink of actual economic collapse create so many laws and motives to protect those that are plainly guilty whilst we allow the victims and families to suffer? Does a “human rights culture” subliminally propose we must empathize with the murderer and thief and consider that crime is part of Gods grand plan?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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