It is evident that President elect Donald Trump is under attack from the “Deep State” and its apparatus which includes the global media operative CNN and so on.

The “Deep State” (loosely synonymous with shadow government or permanent government) is in contrast to the public structures which appear to be directing nations. The deep state is a powerfully secretive, informal, fluid network of long serving politicians and officials who conspire to amplify their influence.

An example is the deployment of US soldiers along the borders of Russia in direct contrast to the notion of Donald Trump who intends friendlier ties with Russia. With or without Trumps consent or knowledge, the “Deep State is provoking the Russians.

The relentless pursued of Trump with claims of illegitimacy and rigged elections the “Deep State” wants to make Trump submit to its will. Stories of Trumps cavorting with prostitutes and secret deals with Putin was leaked to the media by US agencies including the CIA and FBI whose directors Trumps intend to replace.

Never in USA history has a Director of the CIA on global TV told a President elect to watch his mouth.

During the Senate hearings in which Trump’s incumbent, Secretary of State and several other members of his team were examined, it was obvious that the Senators had a predetermined agenda for Trumps government. War with Russia and China.

The US navy is deliberately provoking China in the South China Sea seeking a cause for conflict. The issue of Taiwan that was latent for decades has been revived.

What is obvious is that the USA is drowning in debt from which it cannot extract itself. The USA owes the world including China, Trillions of Dollars in loans and cannot pay as the USA has no manufacturing capacity or natural resources.

The only response the “Deep State” and its ruling elite knows is war. The debt could be avoided or cancelled when chaos ensures and terms are dictated with a gun.

If Trump is resistant, the “Deep State” will respond as they did before.

To date few people knows who killed President John F Kennedy and his brother, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcom X and so many other great American leaders.


Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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