Since Donald Trump’s election, it is evident that Trump must have a mental illness. He seems incapable of conduct himself like a mature, intelligent adult. His regular attacks on Muslims, his racist and xenophobic utterances and tweets suggests that Trump is not a normal individual.

Trump recently referred to a leader of the Native American community as “Pocahontas” a cartoon character in a Disney movie. Trump also attacked the Prime Minister of Great Britain after she chided him for retweeting anti-Muslim racist videos which was recognized as fake news to start with.

Plainly, Trump does not like Brown and Black people especially poor people. Wealthy Muslim states managed by dictators are okay as Trump regularly does business with them.

Trump changes American foreign policy, consulting with dictators to decide the fate of the world.

Trump, after consulting with Netanyahu of Zionist Israel, decided to threaten the Palestinians with shutting down their offices in Washington and moving the US embassy in Israel. Though Zionists may find this pleasing, they must worry about the day that Trump turns on Israel.  In my view, Trump is Anti-Semitic and voiced his sadness at his daughter’s conversion to Judaism. Non- Jew Zionists are often Anti-Semitic as they support Israel, yet secretly they do not want Jews near them.

Israel was supported by Europeans mainly to rid Europe of Jews. The historic pogroms and holocaust is evident of this notable European attitude.  

Trump cannot be trusted with any global decision of consequence be it ecological or otherwise. In time, his hatred of Muslims, Mexicans and others could turn onto Jews. Trump plainly has limited respect for other ethnic, cultural and religious communities besides his immediate own.

Sincere peace loving Israeli’s and Palestinians must learn to talk directly to each other as Russia, Britain, the USA and most Arabs dictators etc. are primarily interest in themselves. Selling weapons and creating conflict is their only contribution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. For decades this conflict has been used by illegitimate Arab leaders to deflect controversy from their own crimes.

The world has enough insanity, corruption and egotistical dictators at the helm. Trump must be stopped as he has little problem with actually igniting the powder keg that is the Middle East.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress





Cllr Yagyah Adams

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