I want to voice my clear and complete support for the governments “Operation Fiela”. I support the governments ignoring of those NGO’s who insist that the operation must stop.

Across the Cape, citizens are terrorised by drug addicted criminals who spread chaos as if there is no tomorrow. A colleague who lives in the Ottery/Grassy Park area often complains about continues gun shooting. According to her, law enforcement is afraid to venture into terrain where there is danger.

Operation Fiela is long overdue and should remain a permeant feature of our crime manoeuvres.

Over the decades, it has become ever more difficult to raise children correctly in Cape Town. In the Woodstock/ Salt River area, because homes were historically built on the pavement, Nigerian dealers sell drugs thru the child’s bedroom window. When parents are at work or a sleep, the dealer is at the window. While parents want the best for their children and warn their children of the dangers of drugs, what more can working parents do when dealers wait in a public street at the child’s window?

A few weeks ago I accidently drove down Keizersgracht Street directly into an on-coming pro Dagga march. While most of the marchers looked like criminals and obvious drug addicts I was shocked by some parents who brought their kids along. What kind of parent wants their kids to be drug addicts? Do those ignorant marchers not know the statistical and material chaos that addiction creates? At the march, some youth’s openly smoked dagga in the presence of police.

Civilized citizens cannot allow ignorant and evil people to mislead youths in the name of freedom.

In the words of the wise good cannot negotiate with evil, only the removal of evil people from our society can save our future. It is time for all politicians to tell the people where they stand with regards the death penalty for murderers, rapists, child molesters and drug dealers. The safety and security of our nation is at risk.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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