In addition to monotheism, a vital principal of Abrahamic epistemology is discipline. From birth till death discipline is instilled by the Torah, Bible and Quran. Error is measured failure of discipline and a return to discipline is considered righteous. Thus positive progress without discipline is not possible.

Causal failure of authority originates with the breakdown of individuals, families and ultimately society.

Beyond the polemics of politics, failure of family values has profound effects on issues that include taxation, social cohesion etc. In isolation and detached from broader social cohesion, family values have been distorted as illiberal, bigoted, insular, naive and anti-human rights. It has been slanted as the domain of the unjust, the religious right-wing and linked to a patriarchal, rigid social interpretation.

For years those who upheld family values were measured a threat that required a hostile response. It also did not help that some who upheld family values often reacted with a combative retort.

The Oxford Dictionary defines family values as values learned within a traditional family unit, typically those of a moral standards and discipline. Values are defined as principles or standards of behaviour and judgement of what is important in life.

In sharp contrast and for many decades, Hollywood and chunks of the global media has attempted to influence societies that traditional family values have limited benefit in a modern society.

James Dean in “Rebel without a cause” portrayed the moral decay of American youth, a critique of parental style, and explored intergenerational conflict. Years later we had Madonna singing, “Papa don’t preach and “Material girl” which celebrated the archetypes of ill-discipline, teenage pregnancy and pursued of materialism at any cost. The era of “me and my needs” became the industry standard.

Michael Douglas in the movie “Wall Street” clarified why greed was good and necessary and 50 Cent in the soundtrack to the 2005 film of the same name sang about “Get rich or die trying”. Ironically this is the agenda of local criminals who have little problem selling drugs and killing their own community.

Currently the global divorce statistic is above 50%. Also 1% of the wealthiest people own more than the remaining 99%. Global teen pregnancy is increasing and millions of people suffer from needless disorders like depression etc. Ironically while many Capetonians willingly embrace the Hollywood version of what constitutes values more than 50% of all Capetonians exist in abject poverty, equally our divorce statistic is above 50%. In South Africa 400 people attempt suicide daily and 23 actually succeed. In sharp contrast if traditional family values are restored the stats can only but decrease.

The message that Hollywood and the media have recycled for decades only benefit the 1% wealthy people while the 99% are caught in cycles of poverty and misery. Effort to corrupt the virtue of every generation does not benefit the 99%. Example, yearly black people spend billions of dollars on hair straightening and skin whitening. Why do blacks embrace an outlook that advocates inferiority?

Decades ago movie stars ruthlessly promoted smoking as stylish and cool while cigarette syndicates fought scientific studies that advised that smoking causes cancer etc. It is evident that Hollywood and most media are owned by the 1% wealthy people. Their battle is for control of the hearts, minds, bodies and souls of the 99%.

In the words of the wise will we the 99% allow the 1% to win?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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