Over the past few months the police have done outstanding work in unmasking a few people behind the criminal scheme of selling guns to gangsters. Some time ago a white Christian man was arrested and sentenced to 18 years. Recently an Indian Muslim man was detained linked with the same case.

While both men appeared to have “ordinary lives” in private it was the exact opposite. Often in our society we are in contact with evil but as regular people most of us are unable to identify this evil.

Since none of us are perfect and we all suffer from human frailties it is vital that we isolate those amid us who are average mortal sinners from those who actually serve evil while pretending otherwise.

While nobody wants to awake to a car alarm and witness their tyres or battery stolen, these are minor irritants when equated to being held up at gun point while just doing your work in a local supermarket.

Those amongst us who sell drugs and guns directly contribute to the chaos and mayhem that exists in our society. They are in truth evil people even when they pretend to be law abiding and sit quietly in Synagogue, Church, and Mosque etc pretending to worship the same God that we do. It is not okay to worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Ismail while at the same time defiling His cherished creation.

Like a paedophile or rapist that cannot be a religious leader, some crimes are different from others subject on who commits the crime. Example when drug addict sell guns and stolen goods it is likely as this is what they do to sustain their habit. When a businessman or policeman sell stolen guns it is a different narrative as society does not expect this conduct. Similarly when a politician or school principal harasses a secretary it is big news, when a businessman does the same, who really cares?

Ironically over the past few years the ANC has been relentless in accusing the DA of having criminal connections. This has happened in the Council chamber and in the media. The DA in return has accused the ANC of similar criminal connections. Fatefully two of the main police persons responsible for the many arrests of notorious gangsters and drug dealers have recently been demoted.

What is obvious is that “feathers have been ruffled” by these police people who are perhaps getting to close for the comfort of some, possibly politicians. The hard work of the police it seems is paying off and now perhaps some politicians are changing the game plan.

What is required from the media is to find this political connection and the criminal underworld so that the police have some protection from interfering politicians if this is so. Ordinary people cannot work long and hard hours for little money and also have to worry if their children are safe at school.

Those who have taken society for a joke by using their power to protect criminals must be exposed. Corrupt business and politicians and others who drive BMW from ill-gotten gain must be exposed.

Nelson Mandela did not serve 27 years in prison so that corrupt filth can live in expensive suburbs send their children to private schools and look down on the rest of us while selling drugs and guns.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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