I have often wondered why is so important to those who deny the death penalty how murders are removed from society? Does it really matter if the authorities hang, shoot or inject poison into the killers? Did the killers of that young innocent beautiful girl who was killed while walking in Tokai forest care about her method of death when they shoved her face into the soil and dirt while strangling her? Did they consider her human rights and her dignity while they sodomised her innocents? Did they have any concern for her agony as she lay dying?

Those who refute the return of the death penalty are in pains to find an excuse for murderers but never do they mention the innocent women and children that are murdered every day in this country.

They never mention the anguish of a parent whose child was murdered while playing in a neighbourhood park? When gangster rob, rape and fire guns at unarmed people while high on drugs, why must ordinary people care about the gangsters emotional needs?

It is misplaced sympathy that has resulted in an annual South African murder statistics of 20 000.

While we have the most violent society on earth, those who live in a well-protected leafy suburb, far removed from the violence wants to lecture the victims of violence.

In the words of the wise, we need the death penalty; it is the only punishment criminal’s fear.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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