The nuptial between the Democratic Alliance (DA) and AGANG is on the rocks after one weekend. Though the courtship was an open secret the complexity of the foreplay was unknown. In my opinion the leaders of the DA and AGANG should have consulted their offspring from earlier marriages. The DA was recently betrothed to the Independent Democrats (ID) and not so long ago to the National Party (NP). The NP two-timed the DA with the African National Congress (ANC). In the end, some NP leaders shacked up with the ANC while the offspring stayed with their adoptive DA parent. The DA is also no stranger to flirtation and has frequently reflected ambivalent political morality. Historically the DA shared a bed with and later discarded senior NP leaders like Peter Marais and Gerald Morkel. The DA shared a bed with Buddy Shabaan when he was with the African Muslim Party (AMP) and many others in the City of Cape Town when it needed to take control. The ID, who was initially wooed by the ANC, was forced into bed with the DA when some ID Councillors secretly flirted with the DA. This forced former ANC Mayor Normaindia Mfeketo into a humiliating retreat. After so many romances one would think that the DA leaders could identify a reliable and wholesome marriage partner. Even though Martinus van Schalk-wyk is regarded by many white Afrikaners as a “Volks Verraaier” or race traitor, at least he has displayed fidelity by remaining in bed with the ANC. The moral of the story is that when couples with offspring seek a new liaison, there are other people to consider. In the case of the DA and AGANG both sets of offspring did not like the idea of sharing. For example, what about Lindiwe Mazibuko? Initially she was heralded as the next best thing to Nelson Mandela. One opportunistic journalist in the hope of getting onto the DA’s parliamentary list even wrote a book about Mazibuko. Ramphele was parachuted into leadership to replace Mazibuko and then thrown out just as quickly. What does this mean for Mazibuko if she is so disposable? Is there no room for dignity in politics? Why is the DA so desperate to head hunt blacks with credibility? Why do they not grow their own capable blacks instead of trying to borrow the credentials of others? The DA should consider their long term reputation. Whenever a celebrity joins, that person is heralded as a champion of democracy but when the relationship falls apart, the joiner is smeared as deceitful. Gobbling up and spewing out parties is not good for democracy. If the DA does not return to honest values instead of craving infinite power, what makes them different from the ANC? Cllr Yagyah Adams Cape Muslim Congress

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