When is a crime not a crime, this is the question. Those who need service delivery burn down some schools. In Langa, housing protestors set ablaze the train station. Students to break into shops, vandalize buildings and burn out cars. On arrest they are released on R500 as they are poor activists.

Sometime in the future the homeless and jobless may decide that burning libraries may be effective as they feel marginalized. Some people will blame President Zuma and the Gupta’s for a failing economy while other will blame the DA for lack of sanitation.

In any society there will always be issues and sometime to blame.

As ordinary rate and taxpayer’s what we the silent majority must ask, is for how long can we allow a few anarchists for whatever reasons- ruin university etc. property which we pay for with our taxes?

Students, while they may be the future, have not made any meaningful contribution to society. They only add value if they pass their exams, go and work and then pay rates and taxes. Thus burning university buildings which does not belong to them, is not okay.

Years ago after his release, former political activist and prisoner Ebrahim Rasool told me that when he was arrested as a youth activist, he spent time in prison, just thinking. After his release, his thoughts were centered and public violence was much less of an option.

He later had a sterling career as Provincial MEC of Health, Premier and an Ambassador to the USA.

The point is that some people need to be confined to think as thinking in a familiar environment is difficult. Anarchists that seek to ruin our public institutions and burn trains need time to think.

Some people do their best thinking/dreaming in Synagogue, Church and in Mosque while the priest/Imam/Rabbi labors on. Others think in the toilet while others require some time in prison.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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