Police corruption is often highlighted in the media. This happens when dockets vanish or the police are accused of general corrupt activity. The recent arrest of a high ranking officer who allegedly sold firearms to gangsters was a turning point for desperate Cape-Flats residents.

The media must place pressure on the police and judiciary to boldly manage this criminal case instead of allowing justice to be stifled by stupidity and administrative red tape. If the police and National Prosecuting Authority messes-up this case as they did with Shrien Dewani and Oscar Pistorius then they will lose the limited public opinion that they have left.

Quality above quantity is vital. Our best prosecutors and detectives must be better paid. Those in authority must rid their departments of ineptitude which includes removing those with low arrest and prosecution records. More incentives must be introduced where those who work effectively must be rewarded. With higher performance bonus and skills recognition, progress is possible.

Money has always been a great motivator and will inspire a higher conviction. Example, reporting attempted corruption must also be rewarded. The official gets to keep the money offered providing that the corruption was reported according to required protocol. This will generate fear in criminals as they would be up for corruption charges and lose their money.

In the words of the wise, those in authority need to think outside the box and do what is required to secure a corruption free police, judicial system and South African society.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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