I bet that the only reason why Masonwabe Sokoyi SACP Western Cape Provincial Spokesperson reacted to my letter was because I probed the acumen of Gwede Mantashe the Communist leader.

For clarity, my battle with Home Affairs lasted a year and succeeded because I engaged the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs at home. While her intervention helped, what about the thousands of others who cannot access a National Minister. Also I have since also applied for another Unabridged Birth Certificate for my 2nd daughter and for my smart ID card, I am hopeful that this will not be traumatic.

Communism is an anachronism that adds no value in a civilized multi-cultural democratic nation. Most Communist leaders were and remain thieves and murders that live on the misery of others. The history of global communism for the past 70 years is obvious. Communists are the deceptive cousins of arch-capitalists and both are destructive and hate and fear the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

Communists are long on rhetoric but unable to react to real world situations, that is why the majority of the world’s population reject communism. The SACP exists because of its treaty with the ANC and on its own will wither like the PAC. Communism has no success stories and only uses democracy to construct autocracy, study Putin of Russia. Communists have murdered black, brown and white people across the globe and have no right to talk on issues of racism.

The SACP has no authority to speak on behalf of the ANC or anyone as the SACP has not stood in any democratic South African elections. Where-ever communists engage, they destroy consider the outcomes of state parastatals (Eskom-Telkom) under Elec Erwin past Minister of Public Enterprises.

Throughout history communists love blaming others. To end, I challenge the SACP leaders only in Cape Town to stand free of the ANC in the upcoming elections. Should the SACP gain more votes than the Cape Muslim Congress I will donate one month salary to a charity chosen by the SACP.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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