Some years ago before Pres. Thabo Mbeki was recalled the media and many others played a very active role in portraying Mbeki as a villain and then Deputy Pres. Jacob Zuma as the victim.

The media was indifferent to the history of Jacob Zuma and literally united around the ousting of Pres. Mbeki. The media aided in broadcasting the hoopla that was coming from the calculated Zuma camp.

Back then, in parliament Mbeki often lectured the ANC caucus explaining why Zuma was a wrong choice. Few listened and many in the South African society cheered when Pres. Mbeki was removed.

The media was elated as then Pres. Mbeki wanted a tribunal of sorts to probe racism and biased in local media which was the foreign owned. Lines were drawn in the sand and agenda’s played out.

Today Mbeki must feel vindicated as he forewarned that Zuma was not the correct man for the job. Archbishop Tutu was attacked by Julius Malema who back then, wanted to “die for Zuma”.

What is vital to note is the duplicity of the then ANC causes who removed Mbeki, the media owners and journalists who enjoyed ripping Mbeki and those sectors of our society who celebrated his recall.

The DA and other parties also enjoyed the circus as they believed, they would benefit from the demise of Thabo Mbeki.

Back then few cared about the constitution, the impact of events on democracy or the wellbeing of society. The ousting of Mbeki was driven by opportunists who desired self-enrichment at any cost.

The dilemma that we face today is not the making of one man. Jacob Zuma is the culmination of events and conspiracies that involved many others.

Those who helped develop this crisis now stand quietly on the side and point fingers.

This hypocrisy cannot go undetected and perhaps the media must investigate all those who played a role in creating this dilemma in our collective national interest.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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