Often truth is stranger than fiction.

Though we progress into a new century, with technology and science capable of many feats, it is ironic that the majority of humanity remain bound by prophesy from antiquity. Generations before us were similarly bound by prophesy contained in texts sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims.

In the time of Moses, the Pharaoh governing Egypt knew of the coming of a divine messenger and instructed his soldiers to kill boys under a certain age as he sought to circumvent ordained prophesy.

In the time of Jesus, the Messiah, the King of Judea knew of the coming of a divine messenger and instructed his soldiers to kill newborn boys. The King also sought to escape ordained prophesy.

Muhammed the messenger also migrated from Mecca to Medina as his enemies plotted his death.

The age of prophesy has not ended as Jews, Christians and Muslims continue to await the coming of another divine envoy as ordained by the Torah, Bible and Quran. The purpose of this envoy is to establish truth and justice and to consolidate the message carried by Moses, Jesus and Muhammed.

Like in the time of Moses, Jesus and Muhammed, there are others who await the divine envoy.  Like the Pharaoh of Egypt, the King of Judea, and rulers of Mecca, they plan to kill the anticipated envoy.

Those who plot, seek to maintain despotic and unjust hegemony over humanity. The conspirators choose temporal luxury and power above eternal truth and justice. That is why the wealth of the world always remains in the greedy hands of 1% of the world’s population while the 99% suffer.

These despotic rulers are masters of deception and have powerful propaganda mechanisms. They have engaged millions into conflict as their lust for power at the cost of innocent lives is insatiable.

Ordinary people must be aware that the elite utilize politicians and religious leaders who lack proper understanding to serve their veiled plans. We must, as a result be cautious of those who hide truth, fail to display justice themselves but seek conflict to merge despotism with murder of innocents.

Those who encourage racial and sectarian strife must be exposed. We must remember who it was who incited the useful ignorance of ordinary people against Moses, Jesus and Muhammed.

When Christians etc. are harmed by insanity disguised as Islam, Muslims must condemn such actions. Similarly, Christians and others must react when Muslims are murdered in Myanmar etc.

We must recognize our humanity, otherwise the godless elite will continue with their abuse of us all.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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