To most Capetonians the conflicts in the Muslim world and Muslim animosity towards the West may often be unclear. Because local Muslims wear jeans, t-shirts and sneakers, eat McDonalds and KFC; enjoy western music, television and technology (internet) the contradictions appear obvious.

In his book “Understanding Power’ Noam Chomsky Professor in the Department of Philosophy at MIT, Boston inadvertently explains this perceived Schizophrenia. Chomsky states “the functions of third world countries are to be markets for American business, source of resources for American business, to provide cheap labor for American business, etc.” Therefore “the main commitment of the United States, internationally in the Third World, must be to prevent the rise of nationalist regimes which are responsive to pressures from the masses of the population for improvement in low living standards; the reason is, we (USA) have to maintain a climate that is conducive to investment, and ensure conditions which allow for adequate repatriation of profits to the West”.

This researched opinion confirms what most Muslims already believe. The “West” led by the USA, considers the entire globe a resource for its exclusive benefit. This implies that Middle Eastern oil, Indonesian timber, diamonds and gold etc. from Africa, in reality belongs to the “West”. According to Chomsky, for this type of imperialism to survive, the “West” has to prevent the holistic progress and independence of any other society. The “West” is therefore compelled to install and support brutal regimes e.g. the Shah of Iran, Suharto of Indonesia, Saddam of Iraq, Qaddafi of Libya, Mubarak of Egypt, Saligh of Yemen and Mobutu of Zaire etc. This strategy includes destabilizing countries in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East irrespective of the prevailing ideology. Historically, the US used the “containment of communism” as an excuse to invade Vietnam, Korea and Cuba etc. Similarly to “contain Islamic Fundamentalism” the “West” invaded and occupied Afghanistan and Iraq directly and Egypt, Somalia, Libya and Yemen proxy.

As societies globally suffer under the brutality of western imperialism, others are also rejecting servitude. In April the President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez expropriated Spanish assets, rejected British rule over the Falkland Islands and tightened import restrictions. Argentina also refused to pay its foreign debtors much of the defaulted $100 billion. While western economies recede into recession, Argentina’s economic growth hit 8.9% last year. Within 10 years Argentina had reduced poverty by more than half and the President enjoys an approval rating of 70%.

Presently, Muslims are challenging the West by refusing to accept rule by proxy as a fait accompli. On a comparative note, China is undermining US hegemony thru currency wars and protectionist capitalism. A Muslim defeat is a necessary precursor, as a confrontation with China is in the making. The “West” cannot fight China while Muslims fight back as combat on two fronts is difficult. The “West” also requires the Muslim lands surrounding China for military bases from which to launch possible attacks. When that is achieved western imperialism will be unstoppable.

Therefore, scholars of US geo politics observed the Arab revolutions with caution. Although the Muslim Brotherhood won the majority in Parliament including the Presidential election, the Egyptian military, a US proxy, thru its control of the Courts and media has invalidated the democracy. In light of these obvious subversive actions, are Muslim fears of subjugation real, is insurrection justified? Do Muslims not deserve democracy; are they unworthy of economic freedom and a better life?

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