Even though it is obvious that human have more rights than animals, I sometimes wonder. On a regular basis in the media we hear and read of endangered marine, animal or rare plant species discovered on its way to China or the Far East. Perlemon, rhino horns and now the South African pangolin. The Cape Times report of “1000kg of SA pangolin seized” Tuesday June 3rd is such an issue.

How and what will our generation tell the next generation when the last wild perlemon is poached or the last wild rhino carcass is found. Who will explain to the next generation that rhino horn was used as an aphrodisiac by dysfunctional men and as a result an entire animal species was wiped out.

Human are cruel towards each other. We see that every day as armies of men kill innocent women and children across the globe. While the human species has the capacity to survive no matter how difficult the scenario, what defence do animals have against helicopters and machine guns.

At some point in history our generation will have to assume greater responsibility towards other species with which we share the earth. A few thousand rand fine for the mass murder of entire species will reflect the shameful part we all played in the genocide that is unfolding.

While humans may be dominant, we are but one species that make up creation. We have no authority to annihilate any other form of creation in pursuit of our selfish greed and pleasure.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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