The call for President Zuma to resign has been long in the making. The President has done himself no favours with dubious associations. Some of his decisions has made calls for his removal acceptable.

Typically, the “rabbit hole” goes deeper than just the 2016 elections. Recently the President of Brazil was ousted and the “writing is on the wall” for President Zuma. What Brazil and South Africa share is BRIC’S and BRIC’S bank that challenges the World Bank (WB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF). Those who fiscally regulate the world via the WB and IMF will not allow the BRIC’S Bank to succeed.

Oddly it was President Zuma and his associates like Gwede Mantashe, Zwelinzima Vavi and Julius Malema and so on who put an end to former Pres Thabo Mbeki’s dream of an “African Renaissance”. Leading ANC members carelessly played a vital role in support of the imperial agenda by blocking Africa’s progress with the dubious removal of Mbeki. The moral of the story is -military invasions of African is not required if insidious imperialists can find locals to implement the imperial agenda.

The ANC lost support and will continue to do so as voters grasp that the ANC fixation with the welfare of a few super elite has no benefits for the majority. Thus the greediest amid the ANC elite have ironically become the unknowing proxies of imperialists. Years earlier with little concern of future leadership needs, the ANC ousted some of the best within their ranks which included Thabo Mbeki, Ronnie Kasrils and so on. Waiting in the corridors were the opportunists who sang all the required struggle songs, danced to the correct rhythm and knew whose boots to kiss.

As many municipalities leapt from one failed audit to another, little was done to remedy the issue. Comrades and family, who did not have the required skills or desire to do the work, were employed. In the end, ordinary people continued to suffer with limited access to clean water, electricity and services. The result was overall misery which fatefully played out during the 2016 municipal election.

The message is simple, South Africans are tired of politicians who speak untruth and expect loyalty when service delivery is compromised. The honeymoon for the ANC has ended and the marriage of convenience between communists, unionists, socialist, and plain opportunists is in its end game.

Ironically all this drama could have been avoided by the ANC if they simply listened to the people. What is required is access to affordable food, water, electricity and housing, decent work prospects, safety and security and access to opportunity which could be used to improve general conditions.

The ANC had 20 years to fulfil this basic mandate. While a lot was done, it was not adequate. The ANC wasted billions on submarines and stadiums. Voters knew corruption was becoming rife. This was tolerated because of the ANC struggle against Apartheid. The problem is that the ANC went too far. Lack of safety and security, abuse of power and disregarding valid criticisms turned the tide.

The ANC only has itself to blame. The ANC forgot that it was the people that brought them to power and the same people who will remove them again.

Simply put, If DA led towns can secure regular clean audits, ANC led towns must do the same?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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