The antagonisms inside the African National Congress (ANC) is so tumultuous that ANC leaders are projecting a loss of governance come 2019.

Since the Cape Muslim Congress (CMC) has limited ability to partake in National elections, the CMC seeks to submit advice to the ANC to advance the upkeep of a stable, multi-party democracy.

Since current ANC envoys are doing a bad job on behalf of the ANC, it is better for the ANC to establish Lindiwe Sisulu as the primary ANC public interface. Lindiwe Sisulu has a noteworthy and noble struggle pedigree, she is eminently qualified and is a remarkably beautiful woman.

Lindiwe Sisulu is the opposite of most men that represent the ANC especially on television. Example when Gwede Mantashe speaks, he mumbles and seems angry. When speaking, he is inaudible to the average English listener. Image what he sounds like to an English third language speaker. He is over-weight and appears unkempt. It is tough listening to a person that has an appearance for radio and not television. Mr. Mthembu ANC spokesperson in parliament has teeth missing from his mouth.

Logic suggests that as a skilled African woman, Lindiwe Sisulu will attract the female vote. As a noble born, beautiful woman, Lindiwe will attract the male vote. Lindiwe is articulate, without emotional undertones or attempts at blackmailing voters unlike other ANC leaders.

Lindiwe’s first duty would be to ensure that all ANC reps speak to the same agenda as some contradict others confusing regular people. Lindiwe must ensure that all ANC leaders stop talking about the nationalization of anything. Since taxpayers continue to spend billions on State Owned Enterprises, it is evident that the ANC is inept at managing anything else. The management of ESKOM, SAA, PetroSA are all examples of gross incompetence from the side of the ANC.

Secondly, President Zuma should be limited to political activism in rural communities. Metro voters of all races do not respond well to Zuma as the recent municipal results proved.  

The return of the death penalty will win millions of extra votes as the ANC is currently regarded as “soft on crime” by some and “cooperating with criminals” by others. It is obvious that criminals have limited respect for ANC governance, our judiciary and the police.

Regular people are tired of reading in the Argus about all the missing, raped and murdered children.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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