The Donald Trump Show

In August 2016 Republican nominee Donald Trump named Pres. Obama the “founder” and Democratic rival Hillary Clinton “co-founder” of Islamic State, fuelling claims they were liable for the rise of the militants. Trump repeated this 3 times at a meeting with the global media.

After Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s rise as leader in 2010 and the outbreak of the Syrian war, the militants become the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (IS).

On Tuesday, 29 Oct, the media reported that Pres. Trump stated that al-Baghdadi’s cried like a coward, hiding behind his children before committing suicide and dying like a dog.

Let’s examine Pres. Trumps words in 2016 and in 2019.

If al-Baghdadi and (IS) was an American operation as Pres. Trump stated, then the USA simply killed their own operators. Since al-Baghdadi killed a lot more Muslims than other people, he was a liability to Muslims. In truth, for years, al-Baghdadi and (IS) was trained, armed and assisted by the USA and its allies as clarified by Pres. Trump.

If al-Baghdadi is dead, then he was “likely” killed by the USA to stop him from telling the world the truth about who and what he really was. Why else would the USA seek help from the Syrians, Kurds, Turks etc. to locate al-Baghdadi and then send only an American team to kill him. Why not capture and take him to a legal process so the world could know the truth?

Did the USA really stop the Turks and Kurds from a full war which arose three weeks ago? Did the USA forced them to work together for just 10 days to kill al-Baghdadi’? Must we believe that or did the USA rescue their “man” al-Baghdadi’ and fly him to safety? 

Ironically, Saddam Hussain of Iraq and Muammer Gaddafi of Libya were both American operatives for decades. Both men killed thousands of innocent Muslims and the USA did nothing. When they threatened American interests, they become a liability. Both men like al-Baghdadi’ served until they dared the USA for whatever the reason and were then killed.

Similarly, Usama bin laden was also accused of dying like a coward, hiding behind his wife. He was “allegedly” buried at sea. No legal process and no media coverage to attain truth. That bin laden fought the Russians in Afghanistan and was aided by the USA is forgotten.

Often politics is the art of deception and some politicians are the masters of deceit.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress



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