The article by Lindsay Denlinger “Row over increase in tip-off reward” April 20 on page 6 of the Cape Argus is of profound importance. That Ald JP Smith is being hamstrung for a few thousand Rand to save Cape Town from being overrun by gangsterism is insulting to the millions that reside in this city.

Over the last few years the DA led City of Cape Town spend R5 Billion on the Cape Town Stadium that continues to bleed ratepayer’s monies with absolutely no end in sight to sustain the future losses.

Ironically Ald Smith who holds the Safety and Security Portfolio must beg for R5000 tip money for info that could prevent criminality in areas like Mitchel’s Plain, Hanover Park, and Manenberg etc where gangsters commit crimes with impunity. In Hanover Park taxi drivers have to pay protection money up to four times a day. Whenever they enter a different territory they must pay. Why then to they pay tax on their incomes or rates on their homes when they are unable to work and live in safety which is guaranteed by our constitution. What is the point of the constitution when gangsters roam free?

When the DA spent billions in taxes on the 2010 Soccer World Cup the bureaucracy did not object. Many officials along with politicians were happy to be invited to the events held at ratepayer’s cost.

Since then, the DA suffered massive reputational damage when the ANC accused DA councillors of sympathising with gangsters. A year ago ANC Councillor Rhoda Bazier accused senior DA leaders of having accepting money from gangsters and being deeply involved with gangsterism.

Since there is no honour amongst thieves, by paying for info Ald JP Smith will successfully divide the loyalties within and amid criminals as they will sell information for R5000 but not for R1000.

Globally, paying for info works as the USA and Britian used this tactic against Al Qaeda, the Taliban and even the Somalia pirates that was a problem until a few years ago. Usama Bin Laden was caught because he was sold out by his own man who was initially caught stealing from Bin Laden. Fearing his own treachery and wanting to score more money, the man sold out bin Laden to the USA.

Most criminals lack a developed conscious and since they will eventually talk about their criminality which they perversely consider a badge of honour, money spent on info gathering will work.

Ald JP Smith is correct our “City is burning” and there is no time to quibble about R5000. Unless there are others inside the DA that want the chaos to endure as they seek to protect their friend’s operative in the world of crime.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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