The rape of a 7yr old girl in a restaurant toilet sparked outrage. Reports state, the thug had a history of drug addiction. The “pretext” for this crime is in motion and will serve as a “sick” defense strategy.
To decriminalize addiction in a nation with the highest crime rate, suggests criminal intent. Many of our crimes are addiction related, yet those in “authority” deem it suitable to inspire more addiction.
In the Quran, a verse declares “from amongst your wife’s and children you will find your enemies”.
This is a sad warning that an enemy can masquerade as anyone, even a loved one. In our state it is evident, the enemy of our families and nations social stability, sit in our courts and parliament etc. Our enemies are amid those who claim to “serve and protect” yet subtly threaten our nation.
Decriminalizing dagga may seem like a joke, however, when speaking to families of addicts the narrative is a tale of relentless despair and fear. Drug addicts ruin their own families and society. They are an illness upon the future of society. So why inspire addiction via decriminalization?
There is an evident but hidden agenda to ensure that society remains broken and unable to heal.
For centuries our ancestors endured slavery, colonialism and Apartheid. The plan remains the same, enslave as many as possible with any method, as long as they to serve the needs of the few. For centuries abuse was forced on people. Today, the addiction narrative is the same. The addict serves to generate chaos and suffering. Under the guise of “freedom”, evil folk reveal a new type of slavery.
Study the people that support decriminalization and ask, what value they add to social stability? What does the God of Judaism, Christianity and Islam say about those who plot against innocence?
Cllr Yagyah Adams
Cape Muslim Congress
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