None of us are without faults. Thus our creator sent the Torah, Bible and Quran as guidance, to keep us dignified. When we stray or fall from dignity, it is the creator’s eternal mercy that redeems our humanity and prevent us from utterly ruining ourselves and others.

Last year our universities were aflame with riotous youth demanding free education. While I did not agree with the unruly actions I have great sympathy for the reality that university education is costly.

Across the world this phenomenon of costly education is on the rise, especially in western nations. Everyday youth without a bursary have limited chance of surviving university without incurring debt. This debt trap is the start of a process of degrading and steering the ill-fated into added poverty.

For some women who have historically battled poverty, this added debt becomes too much and they react by using their natural attraction as a commodity to attain debt relief. Recently our media was fixated with the issue of “sugar daddies” – men that pay to sustain relationships with young women.

What regular people do not know is that the phenomenon of waged relations is usual in western societies where ethics have been interpreted to such a degree that they no longer mean anything.

To avoid our daughters, sisters and nieces from engaging in such damaging behavior, it is vital that we create a milieu where women do not feel forced to use their bodies as a commodity.

In lieu of centuries of discrimination, I propose that females be charged less to study and be favored for bursaries. Females must also be preferred when it comes to hostel lodging closes to the campus.

Men must make alternative plans. Men are abler to protect themselves, when attacked. As a society we must create realistic options for women who seek to educate themselves without the need to ransom their dignity in the process. Seeking an education cannot be measured as a commodity.

In the words of the wise, the dignity of a female is more significant to our creator than that of a man.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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