On the 18/09/2013 “Space Crunch” a letter I wrote was published in the Cape Times. It dealt with“a large sum of ratepayer’s money that was wasted on an unutilized cycle lane in Adderley Street. The redundant change, removed valuable parking. As a result, during the afternoon peak, vehicles park illegally; this action reduces Adderley Street to a single lane”.


On the 16th of June on the front page Cllr Brett Herron recognised the wasted expenditure. Similarly for years, critics have written volumes on the Cape Town Stadium corruption, yet genuine action remains due. About a year ago in a Council meeting after I requested it, in a letter to the Cape Times 19/12/2012 “Heads should role”, the Mayor stated that a commission of enquiry headed by the deputy Mayor would investigate the Stadium. To date I have heard or read very little of this investigation.


The objective of my suggestion was that the commission should send a warning to other politicians, consultants and officials. They must realize, that they will not be allowed to make decisions on behalf of ratepayers without liability. While locals are destined for generations to maintain the stadium, those who profited, continue to earn massive salaries. The commission should have investigated those officials and consultants who forwarded financial studies to enhance the building of the stadium. These individuals should be liable for their projections otherwise, what value are financial studies?


Ratepayers and the media cannot allow politicians and officials to waste money on fruitless spending. When a thug robs you in the street, at least he uses a weapon and threats. Politicians love accepting the glory when ratepayer’s money is spent. However, when money is lost on schemes like the bicycle lane and stadium, no-one accepts blame.


In the words of the wise due diligence and accountability is the mother of good fortune.


Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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