Observing the activities at ESKOM, SAA and other State Owned Enterprises (SOE’s) is frightening.

The ESKOM and SAA fiasco exposes the profound rot that ensured over years. Ignoring fiscal rules and managing major organizations like township spaza shops seems to be a common theme.

What must ensure, is prosecutions for the guilty, as there is limited value for SOE’S to borrow money from any borrower if the decay is not stopped.

The nearly R20 Billion in unauthorized spending and huge losses experienced at ESKOM, reflects an organization that has limited respect for South African taxpayer’s. The disrespect is also fortified by those seeking salary increases and bonuses at ESKOM. Those who lead the organizations reflect limited sensitivity as other South Africans suffer under increasing costs and taxation.

It cannot be normal for senior managers guilty of gross incompetence to be given an option merely to resign with pension funds and everything intact. Where it the accountability? How can we up-lift our nation when Billions are lost due to stupidity and corruption. Leaders must be held responsible?

At SAA we have had 16 turn around strategies in some years. This cannot be measured normal? At some point we must admit that SAA is unworthy of the effort. While our nation must maintain its dignity at all phases of development, everything has a price and the price of SAA is just too high.

The sheltered employment for comrades at state parastatals must end. Taxpayer’s cannot afford this and neither can the millions of poor who wait for housing, water and electrical set-up etc. Thus, either the redeployed comrades do the work for which they are paid or leave state employ.

Before the next election our ruling elite must choose, either their friends and political connections who enjoy sheltered employ or the masses who pay the growing cost of living.

Otherwise, in due time, the masses will choose others and you will have no-one to blame.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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