The violence in Mozambique has little to do with Islam

Years ago I heard a ANC leader, clarify why he joined the ANC. He said that Apartheid was so cruel that he felt he had no choice but to fight the evil of Apartheid.

What has and will continue to happen across Africa and Middle East is not the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, radicalism, extremism or even political Islam. Rather, it is the rise of frustration against overall corruption, maladministration, crime, exploitation, nepotism, cronyism and so on.

The violence in Mozambique does not require a political analyst to explain. It is repeated across Africa and the Middle East. Governments controlled by a corrupt few, extract resources. The corrupt buy imported cars and have overseas holidays and live luxury lives. Meanwhile the poor who see this wealth extracted from their region and witness the corruption, do not have clean water, electricity, affordable food or decent housing. Violence is an option when you cannot feed yourself or family.

After years of being ignored, people believe that their only defense is violence against a corrupt state. A way to create and sustain an uprising is spiritual, it suggests a mythical and mystical connect. All that is then required is one enigmatic leader to ignite a revolution. This ensues in many places.

For Mozambique to seek international help, is to admit defeat. Regional African authorities must have some value. If neighboring states cannot assist, then we are asking for neo-colonialism.

Mozambique might as well ask the oil and gas companies to bring foreign troops to secure African resources and recolonize the region since Africans are inept and lack ability to manage themselves.

Oddly, the problem in Mozambique is not Islam. It is the overall corruption and abuse of local people who were ignored for years and did not receive their share of the wealth extracted from the region.

Locally, we pay rates and taxes but do not have safety and security due to generalized criminality. Gangsters and drug dealers threaten the stability of the Cape Flats. Regular elections and even the military has failed to solve the problem. A solution is vital before vigilante action becomes the norm.

In the words of the wise, most people do not ask much. Affordable food, water, decent housing and work, safety for our families. These are rights given by God almighty in the Torah, Bible and Quran.

The South African government must take note. They will have nobody but themselves to blame.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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