Cry our beloved country

The Sunday corruption scorecard report on eNCA media, aptly titled, “The Rotten Republic” was soul crushing.

We should worry for those struggling to feed their families.

Our democracy is abused by politicians and officials who indulge in such corruption that the safety of our children are at risk.

We will struggle to reduce crime as some criminals have multiple documents. Reports from Home Affairs suggest that officials give documents to illegal and foreign criminals. Such officials must be charged with treason as they endanger our democracy.

We must pay the police more money and provide them with subsidized housing etc. so they are not tempted to be corrupt.

The thousands of road deaths will not reduce as licenses are sold to those who cannot drive properly and for vehicles that are not roadworthy. Drunkenness, stupidity on our roads will increasing as those who inflict harm, are not liable for damages. So, we will pay more tax for the “Road Accident Fund” to care for the injured and paralyzed and for future loss of earnings.

Our joblessness will increase as the uselessness at municipalities and state departments will increase. Some job applicants are selling sex for jobs and upgrade. The most capable may not get the job, as workers’ rights are more vital than service delivery.

On entering an official place with 10 counters, often only two work. The others are on lunch, on sick or other leave and some are googling etc. Officials must be trained to know that the rate/taxpayer deserve respect and should not be avoided.

As a nation, the vast majority of us are decent rate and taxpayers. We love our Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam etc. We are law abiding citizen’s that love our democracy and want a future for all our children, white, brown and black.

Sadly, our nation’s future is collectively threatened by a few corrupt people that do not give a damn about the rest of us.

Some of the corrupt are Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindu and of other faiths. Some are white, brown and black. They will try and hide within our religion, culture and communities etc. As law abiding citizens we must not allow them to hide amongst us.  

In the words of the wise, an injury to one is an injury to all. The corrupt are stealing from all of us. This is a severe injury to all.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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