Covid 19 is creating problems

The Covid 19 virus has brought nations to the brink of financial collapse as joblessness, crime and social unrest increases. The impact on spiritual and mental health is incalculable. Humans need interaction and social distancing comes at a price.

The Synagogue, Church and Mosque have an intrinsic role in social cohesion as faith is vital to maintain social stability.

Years ago, on a study tour of the USA, I noted the fractured nature of American society. The USA people has little to keep it cohesive yet believe themselves superior to other nations because of material advantage. Oddly, many Americans know and care little of the outside world as they are influenced by an agenda driven media and are easily divided by politicians.

This is a why Pres Trump will win again. Sadly, what happens in the USA matters because the USA has a global impact.

Thus, efforts by some to increase social isolation within society must be stopped. That the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in the USA (Argus 6 Oct) seeks to stop people from talking on trains and buses because of Covid 19 is bad news. American society is divided and more isolation will increase American aggression towards each other and in time towards the world. In the past 50 years the USA engaged in more than 50 wars in South and Central America, Asia, the Far, Near and Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe. USA politicians often create and nurtures conflict where peace is possible.

What happens on a train or bus may seem trivial, however, consider that the USA is the only nation in human history that seek to globally colonize the human body, mind and spirit with its political, cultural, religious world view etc. The USA seeks to recreate the entire world in its own image and only accepts obedience or collaboration to USA advantage.

When Americans cannot talk on a train etc. then soon, nobody else will be able to talk. What kind of world will that be?

Are those who dislike civility perhaps evolving a plan to isolate humans from each other? Will it make people more easy to control and handle in the future since we are so divided? We have already seen Covid funding worth billions just disappear. 

In the words of the wise, we must be aware of what other plans are conspired using Covid 19 as an excused.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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