Our beloved nation is bleeding

The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. (Timothy 6:10).

Media reports on the Zondo Commission investigating corruption is heart-breaking.

Whilst most locals are confined to suffering in dirty shanty hell-holes, our elite live in opulence.

So, when a black “businessman” spoke at the Zondo Commission and stated that he did not notice a R2 million deposit into his bank account, the judge was shocked. The average South African will not accrue R2 million in a life-time. The man also said that he “did not remember what he knew”.

A National Minister told the Commission that she did not know who paid for her 40th birthday party held at an expensive venue where many of her friends attended. She never asked who paid the bill.

Possibly, some State Owned Enterprises (SOE’s) are channels via which the elite steal our taxes. Thus, the SOE’s must be kept going for looting to continue even when the SOE’s is an utter disaster.

Example, Eskom feeds corruption, this could be a reason why government does not allow large scale independent electricity producers. Locals pay more for less electricity as we “feed” the deceit. Thus corruption works in South Africa because “if” you get caught you pay back some money and stash the rest in Dubai or India etc. Then the stolen taxes are safe from the taxpayers of South Africa.

In a media report Eskom said “In its ongoing efforts to recover more than R3.4 billion in unpaid debt owed by the Matjhabeng Municipality, the municipality has agreed to hand over to Eskom 139 farms belonging to the municipality as security on the debt“.

In reality, whilst Eskom increases costs on helpless users it “confiscates” land which “in theory” belong to the “people”. Ironically those who stole at Eskom are free to spend the stolen taxes.

The majority of locals will continue living in overcrowded squalor and steal electricity to survive. They have no real access to municipal land which will all soon belong to the thieves at Eskom.

Commissions on corruption will continue and the thieves continue with “business as usual”. They already stole from the monies borrowed from the IMF and World Bank for Covid 19.

Corruption has created debt for future generations of South Africans.

After viewing Netflix series ‘Versailles”, I understand why the French public guillotined the elite. The elite do not care about the suffering they cause for ordinary people. They are ruled by selfish greed.

This is not why Nelson Mandela suffered for so many decades, our beloved nation is bleeding.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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