Can a devout racist enter heaven

Inayat Pathan a Pashtun progeny of Afghanistan, was born in India July 1882. Inayat opined that “religion is the foundation of the whole life in the world, and as long as an understanding is not established between the followers of different religions, it will be difficult to hope for better conditions.”

Muhammed the envoy said, “whosoever has racial pride, the weight of a mustard seed, cannot enter heaven”.

In that context, how is it, that some people believe their ancestry or ethnicity, allows special privilege. We must contemplate this specific issue, as racist nationalism surges in Europe, the USA as well as in India etc.

We must ask, why is it that, racist nationalism and aspects of religious dogma, so easily connect together.

Example, historically, the conflict amid Catholics and Protestants raged for centuries across Europe and Great Britain. The rise and fall of “Islamic State” was also a political parody dressed under the guise of religious zeal.

So what is the connection between racist activism, political power, violence and religious dogma?

Karen Armstrong in “The history of God” submits, though many people have strong religious beliefs, a lot less actually have faith in God. There is a distinction between belief in a set of proposals and a faith which enables us to put our trust in them. Thus, while religion is built mainly on fear, knowing God is built ironically on love.

I offer that over time, most folk have submitted religion to the dogmatists, legalists, fear mongers and relegating spirituality. Some folk obsess with the authority of a specific messenger and overlook the spirit of the message, we forget that all historic prophets came from the same source of knowledge. Also the message I similar. The message is that the Creator is most gracious most merciful, oft forgiving.

Ironically, those who seek discord amid people do not care that the Creator does not judge on the basis of ethnicity, wealth or show of religiosity. Also what matters is generosity of spirit, humility, patience, justice and actual faith etc. Those who oppress others or believe they are entitled regularly use dogma to divide and rule.

Oddly. We are all on our own on judgement day. So every person must learn to think for him or herself.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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