Tygerberg Hospital is wrong for Covid19

I rarely write about health matters. This letter is provoked by Covid19.

Tygerberg Hospital is not an intelligent location for Covid19 patients. The hospital is surround by suburbs that are the global epicenter of the Tuberculosis (TB) disease. These suburbs continue to generate and spread the TB virus. The problem cannot be solved as many refuse behavior change.

Alcohol and drug addiction remains sky-high as some prefer intoxicants over health. TB sufferers are high risk for the Covid19 and will assist Covid19 to increase.

Tygerberg hospital is old and decrepit with broken ceilings etc. The hospital generally requires a deep clean. Finding a clean toilet is a hard as the cleaning staff do their very best to avoid any work.

The info available suggests that the Covid19 infected will be in a separate building at Tygerberg Hospital. Are we to accept that staff in the facility will not leave the facility to go to the shop for lunch? What happens when the nurses return home where TB flourishes?

Government cannot prevent 20 000 annual murders; they cannot prevent millions of illegal migrants from entering South Africa. How will they stop a virus that cannot be seen with the naked eye when they cannot prevent criminality and corruption that is visible to the naked eye?

When the world closed off borders and stopped flights, our politicians flew an aircraft into the epicenter of the pandemic. Even the ambassador of China suggested that was a bad idea.

Now that the alcohol ban is lifted, why must Tygerberg Hospital handle the alcohol related trauma from people who simply enjoy stabbing and mutilating each other.

We must salute the hospital staff that sacrifice their lives to help those who lack common sense.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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