In the land of the free and the home of the brave

Something is wrong in the USA. Their race relations, rioting and anarchy is worse than South Africa.

Ironically in the last 4 months, 600 billionaires in the USA has increased their wealth by $1 billion each. At the same time 42 million Americans applied for unemployment. For the first time since the Great Depression the average Americans is suffering. Ironically, the global wealth gap has increased so rapidly, one must wonder if Covid 19 pandemic is perhaps a covert strategic war against the poor.

Ordinary folk are helpless in a pandemic. We depend on pharmaceutical companies to develop vaccines. Even nations are dependent on big pharma as governments no longer develop medicine.

Sadly, big pharma along with some régimes are engaged in creating biological weapons. For decades’ studies have been done where viruses are weaponized with the idea to kill as many as possible.

Some conspiracy theories about Covid19 suggests that a weaponized flu virus strain had escaped and mutated in the markets of Wuhan. If Donald Trump is to believed, then it happened because of relaxed security measures at a government biological facility in Wuhan were virus were weaponized.

The point is, nations are weaponising biological weapons. Now, how are ordinary people across the globe supposed to defend themselves when their love ones get ill, lose their income, suffer and die.

Who authorized the Americans or Chinese etc. to weaponise viruses against defenseless innocent people who has nothing to do with whatever is going on in the rest of the world. Why must a family in Mitchells Plain lose their freedom, jobs and suffer because of what happens in China or the USA?

While China is a Godless communist state, the USA ascribes to be a Judeo/Christian nation. Today this seems laughable because of the relentless racism and injustice and contrived wars. The problem is that the USA like much of the globe is captured by a few godless psychotic and sadistic elites.

These elites in truth hate freedom, multiculturalism and genuine religious freedom etc. They have weaponized disease to kill mostly the innocent and ordinary people on God’s green earth. They have destroyed millions of small businesses and for what? So that a few can get richer? Someone must be held liable for Covid 19. If we do not, those who make the weapons will create another pandemic.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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