The blame game

Recently on the BBC’s Hard Talk, some “intriguing theories” regarding Corona virus was discussed.

The Chinese foreign office envoy was not willing to admit any blame for the spread of the Corona Virus. He brazenly mentioned that, some in China considered that the USA may have brought the virus into Wuhan so China could be blamed for the spread of Corona.

The Hard Talk host stated that Pres. Trump held China liable for the Corona Virus and the Americans held that China may have accidently released the virus into Wuhan as a Chinese laboratory used for manufacturing biological weapons was located in Wuhan, which was the epicenter of the outbreak.

The Chinese foreign office envoy, whilst measured in response, was agitated by the antagonism of the interview. At a point, the envoy suggested that the reason why the “West” was trying to blame China, was a result of “Western nations” incompetence in managing the spread of the virus.

The USA owes China Trillions of Dollars in foreign debt which the USA is now threatening not to pay.

It is obvious is that China is not Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Libya or any other Muslim nation where the USA and its allies can just bomb or subjugate. The “West” cannot demand to inspect Chinese facilities as they did with Iran etc. That the USA and its allies have targeted China for some time has not gone unnoticed. The “West” is blamed for sustaining the riots in Hong Kong. The arrest of the Huawei owner’s daughter for doing business with Iran remains contentious. The sanctions and many other subtle attacks on China is adding up and China has prepared with additional military parades.

China has outfoxed the USA as a global trader on many levels including Africa. China built the African Union Head office etc. for “free” and China is active across Africa whilst the USA are decades behind.

Also, after centuries of racist abuse and exploitation of Africa by Western nations, “the chickens are coming home to roost”. Africa is exceedingly looking towards China who is rewarding the continent including South Africa with free stuff like masks and vital protective clothing during the Corona Virus.

The question is, how will the USA respond to China’s recovery from Corona Virus and the pending collapse of western economies which Pres. Trump blames on China? Is more conflict on the horizon?

More importantly, how are South Africans affected by everything that may happen? Can we remain aloof from the impending conflict or do we choose a side?

Is it time for our leadership to consider what is best for our local economy and damn the rest?   

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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