We must learn from the Corona virus and the lockdown

Life after the Corona will not be the same. Corona confirmed the vulnerable of humans in general.

Thus, the continued notion of uplifting the poor is vital as they live in awful conditions with limited access to services and dignity. This lack of overall dignity can exacerbate disease. Thus to limit disease and restore dignity we must reduce poverty and ignorance to benefit society holistically. 

In my estimation we have three basic choices.

Firstly, we can “increase tax” the wealthy and build homes for the poor etc. Sadly, we must pray that the tax money is not stolen. Also we are already overtaxed as a nation and since our wealthy and middle class tax base is so small, more taxes may cause serious political and economic problems.

Secondly, we could create jobs for the jobless. This will be tough as we are already in a recession and most of our jobless do not have useable, practical skills. Also, locals have a truly pathetic work ethic.

Thirdly, we could reduce the poverty levels via educational programs aimed at the poor and with a constitutional amendment to permit sterilization of the poor male and female after the first child.

The third plan is realistic and has an instant impact. All the seminars, conferences and gatherings on corruption and fixing the economy has failed. Our economic growth is 1%, thus our economy is shrinking. The Corona virus is doing us no favors. Joblessness will Increase as the tourism industry is crippled. Restaurants etc. need to recover as consumer confidence is shattered. 

A possible short term benefit of the Corona virus is a reduced murder rate that is currently at 20 000 people per year. Also, less road deaths and house break-ins etc. may result from the lockdown. 

What happens after the lockdown and the police return to relaxed enforcement and the army fades? Will shebeens re-open and drunk driving resume? Will crime increase as the joblessness increase?

Why not consider reducing poverty by limiting the birth rate amongst the poor and unskilled etc.?

What other realistic choices exist? Birth control which are free at state clinics are overlooked. Jobless, uneducated teenagers cannot continue to use abortion as a birth control method.

Government stopped the sale of alcohol during the lockdown, the state must now continue to protect taxpayers and reduce poverty amid the poor as they cannot or refuse to help themselves. 

The destructive behavior must be stopped otherwise we will all we pulled into the downward spiral.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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