Reality matters

The letter “Councillor is ill-informed regarding school fees exemption” shows a misplaced sentiment.

In our society we have people who read about rules and laws in books but have a limited clue, how the enactment of these actions work in a real-life situation. These folk write to the media wanting to show other people how well-read they are, but lack practical experience about what they write.

A person does not serve as Chairman or Deputy Chairman at Model C schools for 12 years unless you know what you are doing. When parents pay R50 000 a year in fees, they vote for the right person.

In our society, the reality is that we have many kids who are poor but deserving. When people like myself are elected into a position of influence, I strive to create opportunity for others to succeed.

Since the Education Department’s aid to the average Model C school is below 5%, the bulk of money must come from fees. On average Model C schools operate better because they know what to doing.

When something works, it works. That is why some Model C schools receive 10 times more requests than available space. Thus, parents must pay, because the rolling lawns do not manicure themselves.

Since I was not present when the future of South Africa was negotiated and the class-based nature of our nation was decided, I cannot be held liable for this system. Those who vote for politicians who perpetuate the class system and who currently have authority, must talk to those responsible.

Also, contrary to popular belief, the average Model C schools is not a bastions of colonialism where brown and black kids are trained to become neo-colonist’s. Some schools have archaic customs, that does not make it racist, or wrong, sometimes cultural choices are just that.

The original letter I wrote exposed those who can afford to pay schools fees, but do not want to pay.

When somebody has full DSTV, Netflix, Internet, on line gaming, platinum gym membership, a monthly liquor account of R2000 and then tells you they want a school fee subsidy, what is next?

Across our nation, billions are lost via wasteful expenditure because people who cannot manage their home budget, hold high public office and are in charge of serious money. When you are too stupid to manage your own budget what can be expected? All the books in the world cannot help a person who wants to be stupid.

In the words of the wise just because you do not understand a thing, does not mean it is not truth.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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