The truth is not always beautiful and beautiful words are not always the truth

Those who lie to themselves come to a point when they cannot distinguish the truth within themselves, or around them. When that happens they loses respect for themselves and for others.

The letters by Brian Josselwitz and Chaim Myerson requires a reply as both lack truth and accuracy.

In his letter “Trump the most pro-Jewish president the US has ever had” January 13 suggests that Mr. Myerson did not read my letter properly. Had he done this, he would have known that most of my letter was directly sourced from an article written in the Jewish Report on 1st November 2019.

Thus the Jewish Report stated that that the Ukrainian President was a Jew, a fact I did not know. The Jewish Report also clearly designated the Jewishness of other impeachment leaders which I quoted. Why is it acceptable for Steven Gruzd to publish the facts but wrong of me to repeat the same facts?

The logic of Mr. Myerson rejects the Torah. Since Pres. Trump moved the embassy to Jerusalem that makes him “a friend of the Jewish people”. So, if Pres. Trump hates, Muslims, Blacks, Mexicans etc. and goes to war with whoever, that is “okay” as long as Israel benefits. What about justice which is the basis of the Torah. Do Jews cast aside justice when they benefit, even when the patron is racist?

In the Weekend Argus December 30th 2017 in “Israeli as a nationality” Mr. Josselwitz wrote “there is no such place as Palestine. This is an Arab construct. There is no Palestinian language, no Palestinian culture, no Palestinian history and before the birth of Zionism there were no Palestinian people”. 

This outright denial of history suggests that Mr. Josselwitz maybe deluded. The rest of the world recognises the historic existence of the Palestinian people. Mr. Josselwitz also wrote “God would help the Jews; after all we are His chosen people”. Adolf Hitler told the German people they were the “Chosen people”. During Apartheid, its leaders told the Afrikaners that they were the “Chosen people”. Right-wing Christians across the world tell their people they are the “Chosen people”.

Since my lineages are Malay, Indian- Pathan- Afghan and British, I am mixed-race and have no tribe.

Like billions of others I worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Ismail, and support truth and justice and whosoever benefits humanity as a whole and not just a specific tribe at the expense of others.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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