Consideration required

Everyone has a body, a mind and a soul that requires a duty to develop, maintain and appreciate.

Recently I visited a sick man where I witnessed the diabetic chain smoking. I considered how much taxpayer money is wasted on an individual who receives regular healthcare at others expense.

Since nobody is perfect and we all fault, humans have many shared duties to ensure mutual respect and social cohesion. We struggle to define our duty as some are reckless, at other people’s expense.

Example, at the Mosque in Walmer Estate I asked a beggar to clean my garden @R100 for 3 hrs. We agreed to meet after Mosque. He ran-off, returning weeks later, without a word, begging as usual.

In our society, many people openly want others to sustain them. Already, ratepayers give housing to multi-generations of the same family. We house grand-parents who sire offspring and inspire the grandchildren to all demand free housing. So, millions of able-bodied folk simply wait for houses.

Sadly, if you did make effort and buy but lose a house, you are not entitled to municipal houses.

South Africa host millions of economic refugees who then have many kids whose education and health is paid for with our taxes as foreign states do not pay the costs of the foreigner living here.

Question: Why do poor folk have many kids, when birth-control is free at a state funded clinics etc.?

Answer: For society to succeed we must limit “poverty of the mind” which is common among the poor. This requires constant enforced education about responsible behavior. Example, increasing teen pregnancies indicate that society must consider sterilization of the male and female to give both teens and the baby a chance to improve their holistic condition. One child per poor person.

Since some poor are unable or unwilling to behave sensibly, the state must fulfill this duty. Doctors already decide who gets dialysis and who dies. While it seems immoral, how moral is teen pregnancy and abortion versus sterilization? When drug-addicts give birth to addicted babies is this acceptable?

Some may think the plan is unlikely, but consider: Our nation is in theory bankrupt and our budget deficit is increasing as our spending is more than our income. Foreign debt is already at R3 Trillion.

Our nation of 58 million and unknown millions of foreigners is kept afloat by 4 million taxpayers. This is untenable. Taxpayers must have the democratic right to defend themselves against the reckless.

All rich nations have small families. We must learn or suffer the price of stupidity.

Perhaps we are searching among the branches for what appears in the roots.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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