Good versus evil

Ordinary people are too busy working, stuck in traffic, paying taxes and debt to have the time and energy to think about pervasive evil. This gives evil the opportunity needed to undermine innocents.

Two examples come to mind. The deaths of Gavin Watson former CEO of Bosasa and the American sex predator Jeffery Epstein. Both wealthy men, oddly died at a time very convenient for others.

The death of Gavin Watson prompts us to remember Brett Kebble a wealthy political donor who also died under cryptic conditions. Now, we are told by “some” that Mr. Watson is dead and that we must not ask questions as Mr. Watson cannot defend himself and we must allow the family privacy.

The death of Mr. Watson is useful for many that are trying to hide corruption. A day before he was to testify at the “State Capture” Zondo Commission where senior politicians have been accused of having received large sums of taxpayer’s money via Bosasa’s infinite corrupt government contracts.

Taxpayers require respect, already SARS have problems as taxpayers have lost trust in a government that seems unable to stop political corruption. This suggests, the Terms of Reference of the Zondo Commission must be widened and that the death of Mr. Watson must become part of this inquiry.

Secondly, American Jeffery Epstein ostensibly hung himself in a “secure” prison. Logic infers Mr. Epstein was killed to protect people who were more important than him. Mr. Epstein shared his wealthy lifestyle with the elite like Prince Andrew of Britain, USA Pres. Trump and Ehud Barack of Israel. Mr. Epstein’s raping of kids was probably shared with others and thus they needed him killed.

Both Gavin Watson and Jeffrey Epstein were not held accountable for the damage they did. Both lived in luxury at the expense of other’s whilst having the protection of the political super elite.

Regular folk cannot allow the elite to abuse the innocent. To protect themselves evil people will kill those who oppose them. Evil people must be branded and stopped as they will not stop themselves.

Since evil people defy the Creators judgement, regular folk must remind them of its inevitability.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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