Truth can hurt

Few folk, want to speak truth because the duty and hostility that comes with truth is harsh and can cause material, physical and mental trauma to the speaker if that truth effects potent people.

I raise the issue as I regularly witness the ineptitude of those who argue in municipal and parliamentary gatherings. Since there are few standards required for public office in municipalities or in parliament (provincial and national) all sorts of folk seek power.

Example, during elections, many public reps promise free housing, education and free everything including jobs for all. The same folk promise free water, electricity and lower taxes.

Currently social housing inside the Central Business District (CBD) is the “hype”. In the name of the “poor” everything must be free. When asked who must pay for all the free stuff, those who claim to represent the poor are unable to reply wisely and even the argument of entitlement wears thin.

The Torah, Bible and Quran makes it evident that those “in authority”, the ruling class must help the poor. Besides rhetorical belief, the Creator also judges folk on their contribution. However, this does not suggest that the poor can demand, as the poor must be grateful when the homes are practical.

Example, in Woodstock a 500sqm2 plot could cost R2 million upwards if you can find land. Let’s say you build a 3 level building with 4 or 6 units, your building costs subject to size, quality of finishing could be R4 million. Thus costing about R6 millions excluding architect and engineering fees, the banks interest on loan and municipal water, electricity, rates and other costs whilst building.

An entrepreneur builds for profit. As a result, he creates jobs for builders, plasterers, plumbers, carpenters, tilers, electricians and many more people and everyone benefits. When a municipality does the same and then gives the house for free or cheaply who really pays the actual building cost?

Socialism has failed as it is stupid to ask some folk to work hard when others enjoy a free ride.

Sadly, my argument for sustainable development is debatable when some folk steal billions from ESKOM. Recently a religious leader said that he did not consider it theft when folk steal electricity. He stated that our government allows its friends and allies to steal at ESKOM and then increase our taxes and electricity to cover the theft, whilst the thieves escape justice.

How do I argue against that logic?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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