To stop crime is simple

From time to time when people are killed in our city and nation, citizens are upset by the brutality.

Politicians pose on camera looking for anyone else to blame. Usually the ANC blames Apartheid and the DA and the DA blames ANC. After a period of aghast, everybody returns to “business as usual”.

Ironically, people believe the police must stop murder. I tend to differ. Example, we could employ a thousand low paid, constables to patrol our streets. This may prevent muggings etc. but a constable cannot reduce child rape and murder. One way to stop child rape and murder is to execute the guilty. That infers, well-paid detectives to investigate and catch the killers etc.

An efficient judicial process and then a cheap execution must follow.

Example, recently two rich white men from the Southern suburbs killed their spouse’s. Both men had girlfriends and instead of divorce, these men wanted it all (wealth, girlfriends etc.). What was needed, was to kill the wife. How can a constable patrolling a suburb, stop such murders?

People murder because they think they will escape justice, which ironically very often happens.

Likewise, when a man rapes a child, we must accept that some people are evil. Oddly the problem and solution subsists with society, but we are too foolish to identify evil when we witness evil.

We seek a hundred opinions to pardon evil instead of accepting that evil exists and eradicating that evil by force, is required. On average, a killer can be free after 20 years. When a 20yr old killer is freed at age 40yr, he can marry and reproduce etc. By deleting a killer or child rapist with death, society saves billions in overall costs etc. and overpopulation by tainted criminal behavior is reduced.

The problem that we have is that some politicians and judicial officials are evil people themselves.

Some worship their own ego’s or money etc. That is a reason why they are soft on crime and allow criminals to terrorize society. It seems as if some powerful folk, enjoy the misery of innocent people.

How else can we explain the inability of our leaders to create a safe society, when we pay some of the most and highest taxes in the world.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress





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