Many vagrants don’t want real assistance

The Creator decreed that humans can rise above the rank of angels or fall beneath an animal. The Creator also decreed that no person is too good to become bad or too bad to become good.

The recent hubris around vagrancy and the response of some political operators needs examination.

I submit some examples.

Some time ago, some church communities active inside the City stopped feeding the poor from their premises as the recipients of charity were uncivilized. Problems included intoxication, violence, public defecation, urination and threats of violence.

Some time ago, the Imam of the Queen Victoria Mosque at lower Chiappini street in Bo-Kaap complained about vagrants defecating etc. in the Mosque entrance. I informed Cllr JP Smith who asked the Metro Police to assist. The problem was solved when the vagrants moved on.

Recently my family sat outside an eatery in town when a vagrant request charity. After giving him R5 he asked for food. After giving him food he wanted something to drink at which point I told him to leave. Walking away, the vagrant threatened to throw a brick from a distance towards my family.

Recently whilst driving from Green Point to Cape Town I saw a vagrant wildly crossing the road waving a baton, attempting to scare the drivers. I assumed that he was seriously intoxicated.

Months ago, my wife was walking from work towards the MyCiti terminus when she was assaulted, choked and mugged by three teen vagrants who tried to steal her necklace which was a wedding gift from me. She hung onto the necklace and some folk assisted by pulling the vagrant away from her.

Those who criticize the City, especially politicians who make limited contribution, must think again.

Capetonians want a clean city where we can work and trade without fear of crime and grime. We will not submit to the carping of useless politicians who are “appalled” at attempts to clean the city.

The South African Human Rights Commission who is worried about vagrancy, must tell locals what they have done to reduce the stats of the 20 000 people killed in 2017 and the 20 000 killed in 2018.

The city has many programs to help vagrants. Ironically many vagrants refuse help as it requires behaving like a human. We cannot allow criminals under the guise of vagrancy to terrorize citizens.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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