Aunty Pat friend or foe

The speculation in the media of Aunty Pat being the ANC secret weapon in the 2021 elections is gaining ground and requires thought as the banter in Council on May 30, 2019 was equally hectic.

The popular narrative amid Councillors, questions, if Aunty Pat sold herself to the ANC? More importantly, Councillors wondered if Aunty Pat sold-out while she was DA Mayor of Cape Town?

The speculation is built on the outline that her task seemed obvious, distract and limit DA progress until her departure as Mayor. Some questioned if Aunty Pat held onto the Mayoral position, visiting communities whilst promoting herself? Others wondered if Aunty Pat as Mayor used ratepayer’s money to enable her self-promoting tour while the DA remained clueless and waited for her exit?

Ironically and for many years in the Council Chamber, the ANC ruthlessly accused Aunty Pat of corruption and uselessness etc. Her choice as Honorable National Minister must have come as a surprise to many ANC Councillors, especially to those who vilified her regularly?  The ANC tried in some meetings to remove Aunty Pat as Mayor with votes of no-confidence. Thus, her embrace by the ANC inspires suspicion which bolsters the question of collusion. The last time ANC Councillors sought to remove Aunty Pat, the ANC bigshots compelled ANC Councillors to stop, angering many.

With access to state resources, Aunty Pat could provide avenues of patronage to her supporters. Example, the ANC developed patronage into “State Capture”. If true, this could become a serious problem for the DA in the 2021 elections as many of Aunty Pat supporters remain hidden in the DA.

The question is, what do voters think about Aunty Pat promotion to National Minister? Will Aunty Pat be considered a “Good” politician or measured as unscrupulous and an opportunist sell-out?

Since media banter suggest that the ANC knew they could not win the Western Cape, could or did the ANC financially sponsor the “Good” political campaign? Is Aunty Pat an ANC agent plotting to win the City of Cape Town, via a secret alliance in 2021?

Also, if any of the above is true, is Aunty Pat the only secret weapon? Speculation in the Council Chamber suggest that the Al-Jamaah political party may have requested financial help from the ANC.

What do voters think and what will they do in the municipal elections in 2021?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress



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