Check yourself before you wreck yourself

I advise Mr. Omar to consider his emotive thoughts before putting “pen to paper”.

Firstly, you did not attend an Islamic university or institution where you received permission to publically quote verses from the Quran. To fully fathom the message of the Quran within its proper context (implying reasons for revelations etc.) you need a qualified teacher who gives permission.

If you have the permission of such a teacher, please inform the readers and I will apologize to you. If you do not have that teacher or permission, then please note from our shared tradition that you are being misguided. Thus the title of your article April 16, 2019, should read “I am not on the straight path”, and not “We are not on the straight path”.

Secondly, honor killings, genital mutilation is not part of Islam and cannot be merged into Islam. It is unacceptable and wrong. Whosoever practices actions that are not part of Islam and claims it to be Islamic is delusional and requires help.

Thirdly, ordinary Muslims do not control a strategic land mass or 70% of the global oil reserves. This is controlled by the “West” and its allies via self-styled Arab Royalty. The monarchs and their families do not embody the ordinary Muslim. The Monarchs are “Western” proxies that control and murder ordinary Muslim when we seek justice, human rights or service delivery. This works for the “West”.

Let’s use Egypt where the democratically elected Pres. Morsi governed for one year, imprisoned and then replaced by a military man. The General has now captured parliament reinventing himself as a democratic dictator until at least 2030. Meanwhile, the General kills whoever, as the General and the “West” has agreed that protestors are actually “Islamic terrorists”. So the General Dictator is part of the USA war on “terrorism” while really terrorizing ordinary Muslims. Arab royal families fearing democracy, gave the General billions of Dollars. So, ironically Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East as no other democracy will be permitted by the “West” or the Arab Monarchs.

As a result of the wars and cruelty, Muslims migrate “West” and then you blame them Mr. Omar.

Also, I was a post-graduate and leader of the Muslim students at UWC in 1992 and I invited you to address the students about your Islamic Party. Your political party failed because you had no political or civic credibility or strategy. You were unable to answer any questions and became arrogant and condescending to the students. I prevented students from confronting you as you became more belligerent. You left angry and remain angry to this day towards the Muslim community.

Mr. Omar you seem to be your own worst enemy. 

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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