Freedom of speech

About twenty years ago the late Dene Smuts (DA) parliamentarian for the Southern Suburbs taught me as a newbie Councillor that freedom of speech has limitations. Example, you cannot enter a cinema/theatre and create chaos by shouting “fire” just for the banter when there is no actual fire.

In response to “Arrogance and intolerance on display” April 15, 2019, spreading propaganda and false info cannot be measured as “freedom of speech”. Deceit creates problems. For millennia wicked folk use deceit to confuse and spread hatred as it serves their selfish agenda. From the lavish ambiances of Nova Constantia, like a classic colonial master, the writer dictates her definition of “open and closed minded” and like commoners we are “beholden” to submit. 

Let’s examine one historic scenario and the effect it continues to have. Initially, the “West” enslaved Africans and then bred them on farms like cattle as slaves profited “Western” economic growth. Today, Pres. Donald Trump claims that white Americans will soon be a minority in the USA. Few study the origin of the problem but insist on sharing uneducated opinions, so racist oppression increases. After slavery, white Americans continued to deny former black slaves restitution and education. Historically, after breeding new slaves, families were separated and sold. After this historic classical behavioral conditioning, Black men became adapted to breed and leave. Today, African American’s have one of the highest global divorce stats and many breed but do not marry.

When blacks moved to the cities to escape poverty the CIA purposely flooded black areas with cheap drugs and alcohol. Addiction issues continues to destabilize the Black community in the USA.

American political and fiscal wars continue to disrupt South America. Example, Noriega the former Dictator of Panama was initially a CIA agent. When Noriega enhanced his income by selling cocaine directly into the USA, he was captured. The sabotage of South America and black communities inside the USA have penalties. The same principle applies to the fake war on terrorism where the USA creates the terrorists to help its “industrial military complex”. War allows its army to rape and pillage and kill innocent people. Example, what happened to the Iraqi and Libyan gold after the USA attack?

Consider, if the American ruling elite can ruin their own Black citizens, imagine what they are able to inflict on Muslims and others. Can the USA elite be considered Christian when they kill for financial motives and ignore the mission of Jesus?

Contextualizing truth does not make me anti-West or anti-white, I am only clarifying historic action.

Ironically my original letter “Who are the true terrorists” April 3, 2019 remains unblemished as the critics could not undermine the truth. Mr. James “So blinded by your antiquated beliefs that you just ignore the facts” April 15, continues to insult Moses, Jesus the Messiah and Muhammed the envoy by spreading fake facts. Mr. James is unable to answer my letter as he lacks the required education.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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