We are being terrorized by stupid officials and clever criminals

Daily train delays are experienced across South Africa. Decades ago as a student using the train to get to school and university I considered if train conditions could improve. Even in those days, trains were a horror show as some folk used the carriage to abuse drugs whilst others used it as a toilet.

Today we have cable theft and all types of vandalism which causes a huge loss in productivity, profit and economic progress. Thus a few criminals benefit whilst thousands of commuters are delayed.

The point is, when a criminal causes damage to vital public infrastructure, it cannot be considered an average crime. It is not the same as mugging people at a bus stop. Thus the crime must be escalated to an act of terrorism since thousands of ordinary folk, genuinely fear losing their jobs. Thousands of kids get to school late and both suffer humiliation when regularly chastised by bosses and teachers.

Travelling by car from Kuilsriver can take more than two hours in traffic on the N1. Folks fear the train which can stop at any time. Occasionally people must jump from the train between stations and then rush like animals towards an already full bus. Getting to work cannot continue to be a trial in madness. Criminals who interfere with public transport must be stopped at any cost and their “rights” must be reconsidered in the wake of the madness that they unleash upon others.

Similarly, the act of terrorism unleashed by ESKOM on innocent rates and taxpayers suggests a contempt of epic proportion. ESKOM has done nothing to recoup monies stolen by its auditing, accounting and consulting companies. ESKOM executives who resign walk away with millions whilst the madness they introduced with load shedding continues. Where in Gods holy name is the accountability? Where are the Ministers who appointed such gross incompetence? How is it possible that that all these people get to retire with our tax money and we must now pay more in tariff hikes.

South Africans need to wake-up and stop feeling sorry for everyone. We must do what is required to progress. Those liable for train vandalism and electricity blackouts must be considered enemies of the state and hunted down like terrorists. They think nothing of us when we struggle to get to and from work. They think nothing when we cannot feed our families due to job loss or no electricity.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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