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I am not an admirer of President Donald Trump and suspect that he has delusions of grandeur.

He dislikes Muslims, people of color and the poor in general. However, the attacks and denigration of Pres. Trump is unmatched in global politics considering that he was democratically elected.

My mistrust is inspired by those who lead the attack since they cannot supply proof and continue with vague claims, hearsay and rumors etc. The attacks are also subjective and undignified. CNN and BBC allows unqualified critics to mainly spread fake news.

Example, Robert Baer a veteran CIA agent reinvented himself as an intelligence analyst on CNN etc. On 15th January 2019 Baer accused Pres. Trump of being a Russian intelligence operative. Baer described Pres. Trumps historic links and stated that Pres. Trump received money from Russia. He said that Pres. Trump gave Ukraine to Russia for a reward or due to blackmail. Baer stated that the USA withdrawal from Syria is a reward for Russia. This withdrawal is opposed by the US military who are now talking about a possible “palace coup” in their anxiety to remove Pres. Trump.

Years ago I read “The Templars” a history of the Knights Templars the most powerful military order of the Crusades written by Piers Paul Read. The book received tributes from the global media.

In “The Templars” Read argues that, when the Muslim armies were subdued and the Crusades ruled, the Pope and Kings of Europe sought to disband the Templars. Disbanding was a major threat to the Templars who had amassed great wealth and power from the wars. To retain power, the Templars secretly helped the Muslims to rebuild militarily, thus creating a phony threat to prevent disbanding.

Since then, the world is engaged in endless war. Two years ago Pres. Trump accused Hilary Clinton and former Pres. Obama of creating the Islamic State (IS or ISIS). The USA was accused of producing Usama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. The USA backed the Kurds to fight the Turks, Syrians and Iraqis. The USA orchestrated fiscal and military wars in Cuba, Nicaragua, Angola, Libya, Vietnam, Korea, China etc. The wars and suffering of innocent folk are without end.

By insisting that US troops withdraw from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, Pres. Trump threatens those who create war. What must be considered is, who is worst, Pres Trump the racist, or those who hide in the shadows and rejoice when kids are sacrificed in the false name of freedom and democracy.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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