Stupidity is our enemy

The alleged racial incident at Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke requires comment as the chaos which engulfed the school, exhibits how stupid some South Africans behave.

The media, the Provincial Education Minister and political parties that danced like fools at the school disrupting the education process must be held accountable for inspiring stupidity.

We know that South Africa has a horrific history involving race relations and to the world, especially the “West” Africa is considered uncivilized.

Example, 20 years ago on a study program in the USA I was often asked if we had regular water and electricity supply and if wild animals roamed freely. The typical American like former Pres. Bush and current Pres. Trump thinks that Africa is one big country. Back then, I was offended at this stupidity, ironically 20 years later we actually have problems with water and electricity supply. Also violent criminals more dangerous than wild animals actually do roam our streets.

The point is, as South Africans we must stop making ourselves look stupid to the world.

Example, we now know that the teacher who took the “photo” was a School Governing Body teacher and the MEC for provincial Education who suspended her was not her employer. Also the “photo” was not of her class. The parents of black kids who were in her class detailed on TV that the teacher, socialized, ate and drank tea with them. The teacher also brought her housekeeper at her own cost to help with the Tswana language so as to engage the kids fully. Is this the activities of a racist?

Meanwhile, outside the class the camera’s interviewed the most stupid parents who demanded that the school be closed. Unknown black men were filmed jumping over the school fence. When security was employed at the request and expense of parents, some unknown blacks complained.

Consider, what message is relayed on CNN, BBC and Al-Jazeera when a beautiful white woman cries on TV telling the world how much she loves her learners and the teaching vocation? What message is relayed when the Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga must appeal to blacks to stop burning down schools and libraries. Then, two weeks after her appeal, hostile black men demand that a former white school that is now open to everyone, be closed until further notice.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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