National leaders must measure their words

There are some issues that infuriate the upper classes, which, in time, will hugely reduce the current majority party. The first is the issue of usurping wealth with unjust taxes, second is the death penalty, state corruption is possibly third in the queue.

The working class is beset by issues of unemployment and poverty and thus crime, housing, transport is just some of the many other problems they endure.

Thus leaders must measure their words. Example, recently Deputy President David Mabuza vowed, “the death penalty will “never ever happen again in South Africa”. 

In a nation where nearly 20 000 people are killed annually, Davids Mabuza’s words are immature, presumptuous and unwarranted. Firstly, the death penalty can be reinstated when the ANC is democratically removed from power, perhaps in 2019.

Secondly Lindiwe Sisulu in a bid for the Presidency (which I continue to support) argued that the death penalty must be revisited. In time, when Lindiwe achieves higher office or David Mabuza is removed, the death penalty could be reinstated.

On 11th April, page 2 of the Cape Argus reported that a psychiatrist in court, stated that a man who tortured and killed an 18-month baby was a drug addict psychopath and was untreatable. This is one of a thousand similar cases to which the death penalty is the only reasonable and civilized response.

It is the greatest human tragedy and irony that billions in taxpayer’s monies are wasted annually by imprisoning individuals that are an absolute danger to humanity. The ANC government is wasting money on feeding, housing and protecting violent criminals when their own supporters are hungry, homeless and victims of violence.

Why are leading politicians so determined to withhold the death penalty?

While some idiots argue that poverty is the root of crime, how is killing an 18-month old baby or the annual raping of thousands of women linked to poverty.

By allowing this criminal chaos to continue, is the current government perhaps guilty of oppressing the past, current and future victims of crime. Is being poor not enough, must we also be victims of crime?

In the words of the wise, God has made oppression unlawful for himself, thus those who oppress others must know that the judgement for oppression is punitive.

Also in the Torah, Bible and Quran, God ordained the death penalty for murder etc.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress



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